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Welcome to C. Lancelot Scheduling Services

canstockphoto10239255C. Lancelot Scheduling Services is a D/WBE Certified firm and provides comprehensive construction scheduling services to contractors and project owners using Primavera™ software.
We work with a contractor’s field superintendents and the project contract documents assisting you to produce a Baseline Schedule that represents how you intend to build your project from start to finish.
Throughout the life of the project we provide Update Schedules that reflect progress and changes made to the project.  If Update Schedules show delay to your critical path, we assist you in creating reports that document that delay and we work with you to develop a Recovery Schedule to get your project back on track.
If you are an owner, we review your contractors’ Baseline and Update Construction Schedules, for compliance to your contract documents, and provide you with a clear report of that review in a timely manner.  If your project requires What If Schedules, we also assist you in their creation.
We are available to provide Schedule Development and Review Training to individuals or small groups.